Silver Rat’s again

These are slight variants of the Silver Rat in that the original used flat silver tinsel for the body and gold oval tinsel for the rib.


Here I‘ve used silver holographic tinsel and silver oval tinsel rib. The original dressing as follows

  • Thread – red
  • Tag – oval gold tinsel
  • Tail – golden pheasant crest
  • Body – flat silver tinsel
  • Rib – oval gold tinsel
  • Wing – grey fox guard hairs
  • Hackle – grizzle (I’ve used hen)
  • Head – red

I believe the name Rat, derived from the initials of its originator Roy Angus Thomson

Paul Slaney

Rat Pack

This is my very first blog post about my love of making fishing flies.

img_079 (1)

Here is one to get this blog started. It’s an Atlantic Salmon pattern called a Silver Rat, very popular in Canada, its country of origin and indeed anywhere migratory fish swim. These are tied on size 6 and 8 hooks. Click the image for more…

Paul Slaney