“If I only had one fly’ – Giovanni De Pace

Giovanni and I first started talking about flats fishing for Bonefish and Tarpon, a subject close to both our hearts. You see, Giovanni ties some of the most beautiful Bonefish flies I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few.

I quickly started to realise there is much more to Giovanni’s tying after seeing fantastic creations for Bass, Bluefish, Tuna and Dorado and his local Trout.

From October to April you can find him fishing for Sea Bass near to his home in Ceterverti, a small city close to Rome. Then from April to August for Trout in the Volturno and Sangro rivers. Then in September for Tuna and Dorado. Busy boy!

Giovanni has great admiration for saltwater tiers such as Bob Popovics and Lefty Kreh from the US. Whilst his Trout influence is closer to home, his friend Giuseppe Re.

His favorite fly, The Runner, was devised for fishing the shallow and rocky shoreline found along the coast near his home. It has an excellent baitfish profile and due to its semi buoyant nature he can control the depth he fishes to avoid snagging. The hackles in the body give it a sinuous movement in the water, ideal for hunting Sea Bass.

The Runner

img_009 (5)

Hook – Gamakatsu SL size 12

Thread – Mono

Tail – 4-6 flat wing hackles and some strands of Sybai pearl twist hair

Body – Gliss N Glint or Slinky fibres

Eyes – 3D eyes from Sybai

My photographic skills are not really upto capturing the quality of this fly. Sorry Giovanni!

I asked Giovanni where flyfishing features in his life, he answered,  “Good question, Its the 5th love of my life, after my Wife and my 3 daughters”

I’m not sure I believe him because I asked him to send some photos and this is what arrived!!


Nice work and lovely Bone Giovanni! Many thanks.

Paul Slaney

I should give this up, wrapping bits of fluff around a hook for fun just cant be normal